8. Wimbledon to Richmond

As I have just recently found, there are a couple of places on this walk where dogs are not allowed

page 138 Getting Started

Unfortunately the train and bus details here are wrong. They refer to Balham Station and seem to have been accidentally transferred from a previous walk.

The correct details are:

From Wimbledon Station Network Rail: London Bridge/Waterloo, Wimbledon Underground Station District Line, Trams from Croydon, Buses 57, 93, 131, 156, 163, 164, 200, 219, 493

page 140

Rushmere and Cannizaro Park

Bullet point 6; Correspondent Andrew Hunt suggests that a clearer wording for this bullet point would be;  'The path descends steps and then bears right between a pond and a walled garden. Stay on this clear, wide path as it first curves left round the side of the garden, then follow it as it curves right, slightly uphill, to reach a gate.'

page 141,142

Wimbledon Common and the Windmill

Page 141: Bullet point 2: The words 'almost back on yourself' are unhelpful and should be deleted.

Page 141: Bullet points 2 and 3: The white and green gates referred to have both been replaced. They are now handsome unpainted wooden gates.

Page 142: Bullet point 5: The configuration here has changed and this bullet point should now read:

'Bear left on leaving the trees, following the track that leads downhill into the woods, where you are soon walking amongst hollies. 

page 146

Richmond Park

Bullet point 9: The path described in this bullet point can become indistinct in places in the summer months when the bracken is high. If in doubt, continue in the same general direction until you pick up one of the ponds.