3. Woolwich to Greenwich

page 63 The Garrison Town

Bullet points 3 and 4: Although the route remains the same, the first perimeter fence and the car park mentioned in the text have both now been removed. The direct route now follows a grassy track to the corner of the covered reservoir. The route then continues on the uphill path.

page 64 The Garrison Church of St.George, described in the text, is now being fitted with a permanent roof at its eastern end, above the altar and the St.George mosaic, by English Heritage.

page 66 The Horn Fair

The fenced football pitch mentioned in the second bullet point, has now been replaced with a new BMX track. The bullet point should now read:

This has been updated in the 2013 reprint.

page 76 To Ballast Quay and the Trafalgar Tavern

The pace and scale of development alongside this part of the riverside is so rapid that signed diversions may at times be necessary. 

The contrast between the so far undeveloped part of the route, with its leaning willows and vigorous flora, and the sterility of the new development, is instructive.