17. Clapton to Victoria Park

p 250 Hackney Marshes and Wick Woods

Bullet point 2: Should read 'Do not cross the footbridge on the left' (not 'on the right')

p252 Victoria Park

Bullet point 1: The 'first area of fenced pitches' on Mabley Green has now been removed, so on reaching the Green you set off diagonally straight away to reach the boulder in the centre. In fact, Mabley Green has been considerably improved since the last edition, with new landscaping and areas left uncut for wild flowers. Where 'the fenced pitches' have been removed, the substrate has been left to create a 'brownfield site'. When I visited in August 2017, this was alive with wild flowers, with bees and with common blue butterflies.

Final bullet point on page: Should begin 'where a small mpath comes in from the right'.