4. Greenwich to Forest Hill

page 87 Blackheath and the Point

Bullet point 5: Philip and Jumoke King have e-mailed the following comment. Bullet point 5 mentions a set of steps on the left.....'but we couldn’t resist running up to see what was up there. We found a fabulous view and a memorial stone to Flt. Lt. Richard Reynell of 43 Squadron, RAF, who perished there in September 1940 when his Hurricane was shot down. He was an Australian, 28 years old, and already an experienced test pilot for Hawker. He had rejoined 43 Squadron in order to evaluate how the Hurricane performed in actual combat and was due to return to Hawker the day he was killed. The stone was laid in 2013.' 

Bullet point 6 should be amended as below:

This has been revised in 2013 reprint.

page 92 From Hilly Fields to Ladywell Fields

Bullet point 1: Should read Ellerdale Street not Ellerdale Road.

Andrew Hunt sends this clarification to the bullet point as a whole;

page 93 Facilities

The pavilion on Hilly Fields now houses a cafe with toilet facilties

page 99 The Battle for Westwood

The penultimate bullet point should read Langton Rise not Langton Park