16. Finsbury Park to Clapton

pg 236 The New River

ROUTE; 3rd bullet point 

The East Reservoir is now managed by the London Wildlife Trust and has been developed as a nature reserve, the 'Woodberry Wetlands'. This gives the opportunity for an interesting diversion around the far side of the reservoir to see the new planting and the wildlife it has attracted. To follow this; where the path crosses a lane (Newnton Close) in bullet point 3, instead of continuing right along the path beside the river, turn left  through a gate into Woodberry Wetlands.  Keep left past a small building (with WC) and follow the path round the reservoir, eventually reaching a cafe housed in the old coal house. Just beyond this a long boardwalk takes you to a bridge across the New River and thence  back to the footpath on its other side. Turn left to rejoin the printed route, passing new housing development to reach Lordship Road (bullet point 4)

pg 239 Clissold Park and Church Street

ROUTE; 1st bullet point should read Lordship Park and not Manor Park

pg 244 Walthamstow Marshes

To complete this walk; In the final sentence, Lower Clapton Road should read Upper Clapton Road