2. Abbey Wood and Shooters Hill

pg.43 From the Dust Hole

Looking at Wildlife

At the time of my last visit (February 2019), the riverside park, and the wildflower meadow, described in the last sentence, have disappeared under new development.

pg.46 From the Smoke Hole


Bullet point 9 should read:

This has been corrected in 2013 reprint.

Bullet point 10 might be clearer with the addition of the words, 'Keep straight ahead on the path ignoring the steps leading down into the wooded area on the left.

pg.48 From the dene hole


Bullet point 3:  “before the road, take the path that climbs up on the right”. The first bit of this path is now very rough and eroded, with a high step that would challenge anyone whose knees are past their best, and precarious hanging tree roots. It’s not much of a diversion to continue to Bostall Hill and turn left along it.

Bullet point 5: “beside a traffic hump”. The path actually starts pretty much halfway between the two sets of traffic humps once you’re past Bevan Road.

Bullet point 7 might be clearer with the addition of the words, 'ignoring a branch to the left'. 

pg.50 From the Abbey to East Wickham


Bullet point 1. There is now no 'narrow gap' in the railings on Knee Hill, immediately opposite the end of Federation Road, so you will need to join the path by ducking or climbing over the single metal bar. If this is difficult for you, the nearest official unobstructed entrance to the abbey site from here is left along Federation Road just past the roundabout.

Bullet point 7. This part of the route depends on following the green chain marker posts through the woodland. On visiting in February 2019, one of these marker posts had been vandalised and thrown into a pond. 

After leaving the Abbey the posts will lead you to a first small pond with a branching of paths. Continue climbing to the left of the pond to reach a second, larger pond and turn right in front of it to regain the marker posts.


There is now a cafe as well as toilets beside the abbey.

pg. 55 Oxleas Wood to Eltham Common


First bullet point should read;

This has been corrected in the 2013 reprint. 

Facilities and text, pg. 56.

Severndroog Castle, described in the text as 'sadly dilapidated', has now been very finely restored. It is also now open as a cafe, daily except Monday and Tuesday. You can climb to the tower for a fine view (entrance fee) on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, from April to October, between 12.30 and 4.30

pg.57 Woolwich Common


In the final bullet point 'Grand Depository Road' should be 'Grand Depot Road'