6. Crystal Palace to Balham

p 113 The Vicar's Oak and the Vicar's Wife

First bullet point; a correspondent suggests that the gate into the wood is opposite Burntwood View rather than Spinney Gardens.

Last bullet point;  Colby Road is on the left, not right. 

p 116 Gipsy Hill and Norwood Park

Bullet point 4 should read; Follow the tarmac path uphill and, at the T-junction near the viewpoint, turn right to reach the fenced paddling pool. A later correspondent has suggested that the paddling pool is now a skateboard park.

Bullet point 6; Instead of 'the junction of Crown Dale and Central Hill' a clearer reading of this bullet point would be 'where Crown Dale becomes Central Hill'.

Bullet point 7 should read 'Follow Crown Dale for just over half a mile...'


According to correspondent Andrew Hunt there are now well maintained toilet facilities beside the skateboard park (which was the paddling pool) in Norwood Park.


The interpretive plaque referred to has been replaced by a new one, courtesy of Network Rail, that does include Canary Wharf.

p 118 Streatham Common  and Russell's Path

Bullet points 5 and 6; A correspondent reports having difficulty with these instructions. There is not a clear path here, you just have to walk across the grass to your right, following the edge of the car park, towards a stumpy iron bollard beside the road. If you go as far as the Capital Ring signpost, you have gone too far.