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1. Stratford to North Woolwich

Please note the following changes and corrections:

page 26 Looking at Wildlife

Sadly, at least two of the beautiful crack willow trees described in this paragraph were felled in the summer of 2014, victims of the ongoing development of'Stratford City'.

page 34 Beckton

(2012 edition only) Please note that there is an error in the book at this point . The sixth bullet point in this section should read 'Just beyond the primary school buildings, take the branch to the left which runs downhill and crosses a road (Dove Approach)'. Apologies for this error which will has been corrected in the 2013 reprint.

 page 38 To join walk 1

Although scheduled to reopen first in August 2011 and, later, in Spring 2012, there are still temporary closure -or closures of lifts- affecting the Woolwich Foot Tunnel. Fortunately, the Woolwich Free Ferry provides an attractive alternative for crossing the river and joining Walk 1. On leaving the ferry, follow the ferry slip road then turn left onto the leisure centre service road to reach the Thameside path and the south entrance to the foot tunnel, where the next walk begins.