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13. South Kenton to Brent Cross

page 196 Over Barn Hill
Bullet points 7-9: Correspondent Des de Moor writes that owing to recent changes, such as the removal of a sign post, the following instructions might be clearer for these bullet points;
  • Cross the road and go through the gap in the hedgerow on the opposite side. Continue ahead, following the hedge on your right, until you pass a bench and reach a path crossing with a straggling hedge coming in from the left.
  • Turn left and almost immediately right through a gap. Continue on the path ahead which runs diagonally across the field to another gap.
  • Go through the gap and on the other side take the path forking right. Shortly go through another gap and continue ahead towards the far right hand corner of the next field.
Resume instructions from next bullet point. 

page 198-199 Welsh Harp and West Hendon
Bullet point 5; The 'pitches' referred to as being n the left may no longer exist. Andrew Hunt suggests that the clearest instruction now is 'Where the hedgerow turns sharp left, continue straight on across the grass keeping just to the left of the two groups of bushes'

Bullet points 6 and 7; The 'pencil-thin poplar' referred to is no longer visible. The 'small dead end of tarmac', however, still clearly indicates the route. The 'short tarmac stub' of path is also now apparently largely hidden by grass. Andrew suggests; 'You merge with a tarmac path coming in from your right from the other side of the bushes. There is a patch of weedy tarmac partly overgrown with grass to the right of the path at the point where it curves round to the left. At this point, cross the path and walk towards the right hand corner of the hedge ahead that surrounds the bowling green. Walk between the corner of the hedge and a large oak tree on your right into a small field.'   

Bullet point 11; The Boat club car park mentioned here has now become a Barratts yard, used to store building materials.
Though recent correspondents have found no problem with the section of footpath beyond the Cool Oak Lane bridge, Hilary Scotton wrote to say that she found it heavily overgrown and impassable in high summer. Should this be the case, she suggests an alternative route, though this involves a stretch of road walking;
  • On crossing the bridge continue ahead along Cool Oak Lane and take the first turning on the right (Woolmead Avenue)
  • Follow Woolmead Avenue and take the second turning on the left (Stuart Avenue) until it connects with West Hendon Broadway.
  • Turn right along the Broadway until you cross the end of Priestley Way and the river. Here you rejoin the route from bullet point 1 on page 201. 
page 201 Brent Cross
Final bullet point; The 'covered' walkway is no longer covered, though the pedestrian route remains clear.