Coming Events

Events related to urban wildlife, social history or The Green London Way  -and led by Bob Gilbert- include:


Sunday 7 May 1.30pm
People, Plants and Places; A festival foraging walk
A 'Green Steps Guided Walk'  linking the parks and open spaces on which the Mildmay Festival of Nature is
taking place and looking at the stories -and the uses- of the plants we find along the way.
Meet on Newington Green, Islington N1

Sunday 11 June 2.00pm
Cows, Clowns and Celebrity Squares
A second 'Green Steps Guided Walk' through the parks, squares and churchyards of Islington, linking social and natural
history and including the stories of 'cow town', Grimaldi the clown and the ghost of Richard Cloudesley.
Meet on Newington Green N1

Sunday 9 July Cemeteries, Parks and Medieval Marshes 11.00am
A full day’s walk taking in a dissenters’ cemetery, ancient lammas lands, modern nature reserves and the marshes of the River Lea and ending in the East End’s most important open 
space. Bring a packed lunch.
St.George's Gardens, Handel Street, London WC1N 1PD
Meet on Newington Green N1

Saturday 18 November  Tales from the Trees; Autumn in St.George's Gardens
An autumn tree themed walk around a Bloomsbury Park, organised by the St.George's Gardens Friends Group.

Friday 11 May - Sunday 13 May
Flora Britannica; a weekend on wild flowers, their history, folklore and religious connections
Hilfield Friary, Hilfield, Dorset
Details to be published on the web-site or contact